Today I changed the group and parcel name at Bonayre to make things less confusing.
The pacrel name is now Gemikari Angling Club
Anyone who belonged to the Boardwalk fishing group will be receiving ab invite to the new group, Gemikari Angling Club

 A new group was created was created for the Gemikari members Only Group and members will be transferred over automatically.

We also have a new fishing system being installed shortly for anyone who prefers a more realistic experience. Keep an eye out for the WZ

Miyagawacho wish to celebrate Kaomise soken and for this event we will be inviting every Maiko in Secondlife to attend taken they follow some rules and get through the application process.

Geiko will be welcome too attend but will not be signing their kanzashi

Name sl

Name - geimyo





Are you going too sign your Imouto (s) for the event





Rules are as follow:

Semiformal Hikizuri according too your rank jr Maiko or sr maiko from Geisha dreams

Hairstyle according to rank ( ofuku or sakkou for sr and wareshinobu semiformal for jr) either from Hana Katsuraya or Tenran

Kanzashi from Hana Katsuraya - Tenran  ( mochibana un signed boards)

Listen too what would be said by Geiko Kikuyu in regards of the event

Behave nice towards everyone failure to do so results in temporarily ban from the sim which may be removed later or transfered to a perm ban.

1 meeting needed too go through what happens were to sit etc
All creators of Secondlife are invited to Miyagawacho for The news years cart sale running from January 12th right through to March 20th 2014
The carts are rent free with 15 prims available for each cart.
The only stipulation is that each retailer places 1 item at a cost of L$0
The themes are
New year Japanese celebrations
Japanese food
Western or Japanese sweets or ice cream or cakes

CONTACT: Kikuyuu Resident to book a cart